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U16 Communications

Email 2/13/2024

Dear Parents and U16 Athletes,

As we head into our final weekend of competition for the U16 WR Championships Selection Boards, I wanted to provide some information about the process.

Selection Boards

The Selection Boards are posted at this public Googlesheet Link.

I will be updating these on Monday (2/19) afternoon, after the last qualifying event is over.   We typically need 24 hours for our ACC (Alpine Competition Committee) to review and approve the boards – also known as “ratify the boards”.   As soon as the boards are ratified, I will update the Googlesheet to reflect that they are final.  I’ll send out email communication to all U16 Coaches, and update the website to reflect the final selections when done.   Coaches have been reviewing the selection boards throughout the prior qualifying events, so I’m hoping it won’t take a full 24 hours to have them finalized.  Just keep watching the boards and website for an update.

Selections for U16 WR Champs, Tri-Divisionals and Arctic Winter Games
You’ll notice that the boards have three events in the left side column, with the quota (number of athletes allowed for that event).   Here’s how this works:   Athletes will place their intent for the event they qualified for, OR an event lower on the boards.


  1. An athlete is selected for WR Champs.  They want to go to WR Champs, so they place their intent to accept their position on that team, within the deadline.   This is the typical scenario.
  2. Alternate Scenario:   An athlete qualifies to attend the Tri-Divisionals event, but they would prefer to stay at “home” and participate in the Arctic Winter Games, so they place their intent for the Arctic Winter Games event instead of Tri-Divisionals.  When they place their intent for the event below the one they qualified for, then the list of athletes moves up the boards to fill that spot.  This isn’t a typical scenario, but it can happen from time to time depending on where siblings are racing, where the AWG event is, and what their school schedule is like, or other family factors.

There is a 48-hour time period for an athlete to place their intent.   This 48-hour clock begins as soon as the boards are ratified and I will communicate what the exact deadline is.

Placing Intents
You’ll place the athlete’s intent online at the Alaska Division website.   The website will be updated to display an intent form where the athlete fills out the form, selecting the event they are placing their intent for (that they qualified for).   There is a $500 non-refundable deposit payment required when placing their intent.  The deposit is refundable in case of injury.

Even though this event is at Alyeska Resort (yay!) we will still need to collect funds for their Team Jacket, Race Entries, Souvenir and Banquet.   Athlete deposit will go towards this cost and I’ll hopefully have a breakdown of the cost estimate once the Official Race Announcement is published.

About U16 WR Champs
This is where I would normally list a bunch of information about the trip out of state, but that’s not needed because these athletes get to race Alyeska Resort!

About Tri-Divisionals
Tri-Divisionals is an event that IMD (Intermountain Division) “owns” and manages.   This is a US Ski and Snowboard event, but not a WR Championship event.   Only three of the five WR Divisions participate (that’s how it gets the name Tri) – IMD, Northern and Alaska.   This event was originally created for U14s, to give them an event at the end of the season, before we had a U14 WR Championships.   Once the U14 WR Champs event began, Tri-Divisionals was opened-up to a smaller field of U16s.   This is a scored event.

The 2024 Tri-Divisionals event will be a DAY CAMP style event.   It is a split venue, with the SG Training and Race days at Big Sky Resort.  The Slalom and Giant Slalom will be held at Bridger Bowl.   Bozeman is the major city between both of these venues and the obvious choice for lodging and flight.   Alaska Division will supply the coaching staff for the race series, but parents and athletes will handle their own transportation, lodging and meals.   We’ve done this Day Camp format before, and it worked very well.  For athletes that might not have an adult or parent able to travel down with them, there are opportunities to join forces with other families, and we highly encourage this to keep costs low between families by sharing resources.   IMD and Northern also treat this event as a Day Camp model, as well.

The Race Announcement for this event is not published yet.  But I’ll try to get more information out as soon as possible.   Costs for this event include the athlete’s Race Entries and the coaches expenses (all split between the athletes).

About Arctic Winter Games
AWG occurs every two years.  This is not a US Ski and Snowboard event.  The Alaska Division has been asked to provide a selected team for the AWG, and that is why we add this event to our selection boards.   You can find all the information for this event at the Alaska Team website.

This year’s AWG event is special because it is being hosted at Skeetawk, for the first time ever.

Note:  AWG is requiring that all teams (including the Alpine Ski Team) lodge and stay together in MatSu.   Team members will not be allowed to stay at home each night.   They very much treat this as a “trip” and like the teams to stay together and have a true “experience” with it all.

This email contains a lot of information, and yet, I’m sure there are things I’ve forgotten to include.   If you have ANY questions, please reach out to me.  My communication preference is email so that I can have records of things.   But if something is urgent, please feel free to call or text me.

Natalie Osborne
Alaska Division Manager, USSS
(907) 223-0858

Tuning Benches, Vices & Irons Needed for U16 WR Champs

160 athletes from the lower-48 are traveling up to Alaska for the U16 WR Champs and we are trying to make their flight loads as light as possible!  We need to borrow Irons, Vices and Tuning Benches for the traveling Divisions’ Wax Room.

Congratulation to our Team Alaska Athletes!

2023 Team A

Georgia Lantz (2004)
Jessica Gieser (2009)
Ava Huey (2009)
Elizabeth Hutcheson (2009)

2023 Team B

Shyan Hargis (2004)
Tanner Murphy (2005)
Alyssa Gries (2005)
Abigail Kragt (2005)
Jaxon Murphy (2007)
Ava Murphy (2007)
Victoria Tostemar (2008)
Avery Reger (2008)