U14 2023 WR Championships

Congratulations to our Alaska Division U14 WR Champs Team.

Athletes listed below are selected for the U14 WR Championship series at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
Athlete MUST place their intent by 5pm AK on March 2, 2023 (Thursday) 

U14 WOMEN (Quota 4)

  • HUTCHESON, Elizabeth (ASC) Confirmed
  • HUEY, Ava (ASC) Confirmed
  • MILLER, Cameron (ASC) Confirmed
  • COOPER, Reilly (ASC) Confirmed

U14 MEN (Quota 4)

  1. STIASSNY, Pierre-Samuel (AVST) Confirmed
  2. WESTERLUND, Gus (AVST) Confirmed
  3. NORDSTROM, Henry (ASC) Confirmed
  4. WILSON, Harlow (ASC) Confirmed


Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
Jackson, Wyoming
March 23-26, 2023
SG / GS / SL


Monday March 3/20 – Travel from Anchorage to Idaho Falls, drive to Jackson
Tuesday March 3/21 – Rest, Grocery Shop, Ski Work
Wednesday 3/22 – Venue Freeski 12pm – 1:30pm
Thursday 3/23- M/W SG Training Runs
Friday 3/24- M/W SG Race
Saturday 3/25- M/W GS Race
Sunday 3/26- M/W SL Race
Monday 3/27 – Check out of Mountain Modern Motel, Travel to Idaho Falls.
Tuesday 3/28 – Fly from Idaho Falls to Anchorage.

This trip will be done as TEAM TRAVEL.   Coaches and athletes will travel together, stay together, and eat together.   The trip cost estimate will include everything except airfare.  If parents want to travel down to watch, they are encouraged to, but all athletes will stay with the team.    If an athlete decides to stay with a parent, drive with a parent, etc…  they can, but they will still be charged the full trip cost estimate.


Coaches and athletes will be staying at Mountain Modern Motel in Jackson Hole from 3/20 through the morning of 3/27  Lodging has been secured and paid for.  Athletes will also hotel together in Idaho Falls on the evening 3/27 before departing out of Idaho Falls on the morning of 3/28.


There are kitchenettes in the motel rooms.   Athletes can grocery shop and prepare lunches.   Athletes can eat breakfast in their rooms, or they can purchase hot breakfast items at the Mountain Modern Motel cafe (if it is open before they leave for the resort), or they can purchase items at JHMR.   For dinner, athletes can eat out with the team and coaches at several places all within walking distance.  With only 8 athletes and 2 coaches, they should be able to easily get reservations at any local establishment, or get take-away and eat in their rooms.    I would plan to send the athletes with cash and/or credit card to purchase food on their own.  If the team eats somewhere together, then the coaches can purchase and the receipt cost will be added to the Trip Cost Estimate at the end of the trip.   In summary:  some food might be personally purchased by an athlete, while other meals might be done as a group and then added to the trip cost estimate.


There is a parent racer discount which tentatively might be $150 a day (the normal price is $215). THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED and the ROC is still working on confirming the details on this. 


Head Travel Coach:
Rob Carte (Alyeska Ski Club)
(907) 952-2967

Head Hill Coach:
Julie-Pierre Leclerc (Arctic Valley Ski Team)
(907) 830-9623


Athletes will travel as a team.  Flying from Anchorage to Idaho Falls, and then using rental vehicles to drive into Jackson Hole.   Airfare is NOT included in the trip cost estimate.  Ground transportation (car rental and fuel) is included.   The head coach will purchase their airfare, and the athletes will then purchase tickets to get on the same flights, or flights that arrive into Idaho Falls on the same day, and depart on the same day.

Please see Head Coach Rob Carte’s travel itinerary below.

Step 1:  Athlete Confirms Spot

To confirm the athlete’s intention to participate in this event, please submit the following confirmation form with a $500 non-refundable deposit.    You’ll be asked to pay the entire balance before athletes depart for the trip.
The current Trip Cost Estimate is $2,056
Please note that this estimate can fluctuate.
Here’s a link to our working document for the Trip Cost Estimate »

Step 2:  Book Flight for Athlete

Please book your athlete’s flight itinerary and try to get athlete’s on the same flight as our coaches.  Coaches flight itinerary is below.   

NOTE: If you are unable to book the same flights, please try to book flights that will arrive into Idaho Falls before the coaches, and book flights that depart Idaho Falls after the coaches.  If you have any issues (sold out, for example), please contact Rob and chat through alternatives.

Step 3:  Wait for more details to follow.