Administrative Rules for Alaska Division


AK Divisional Head Tax / Entry Fees for 2020-2021

The host club must receive race entries, accompanied by entry fees, by the entry deadline as listed
 on Race Announcement.
Please note:  These are maximum entry fee guidelines for races. Organizers can choose to charge less per start.  Maximum fees are set by the AK Dvision ACC.


Age Groups

Alaska Division alpine competition follows the USSA grouping system. Classification ages are based upon the age of the racer as of December 31 of the current season. Some restrictions apply to specific age groups. A description of the age grouping system can be found in the USSA competition guide.

The age classifications for the 2020-21 ski season are as follows:

Age Class Ages as of 12/31/20 Birth Year
U8 7 and younger 2013 and later
U10 8 and 9 2011 or 2012
U12 10 and 11 2009 or 2010
U14 12 and 13 2007 or 2008
U16 14 and 15 2005 or 2006
U19 16 – 18 2002, 2003 or 2004
U21 19 and 20 2000 or 2001
SR 21 and older 1999 or earlier


Entry Fees


Entry Deadlines

Late entries may be accepted depending on the sponsoring club’s published policy.


An athlete’s divisional and national financial obligations must be paid prior to the athlete’s departure for any out-of-division or championship competition.


All competitors are required to hold a current US Ski and Snowboard Alpine competitor 
license with an “Active” status in order to compete in US Ski and Snowboard sanctioned events.

Out-of-Division Travel

No one (competitor, coach, parent, legal guardian) may enter an athlete in a race in another division/region without prior approval from the Alaska Division office. The philosophy of the U.S. Ski & Snowboard is to discourage unnecessary out-of-division travel. The following policy will apply:

  1. All requests must be made by the athlete’s coach
  2. All requests must be submitted to the Alaska Division Administrator, by email (, at least three weeks (21 days) prior to the race
  3. Racers must meet all qualifications of the host division/region
  4. If a request is granted, entries and fees must be submitted to the race organizer before the established deadline

Out-of-Division Athletes Competing in the Alaska Division

Out-of-division athletes are welcome and invited to participate in all AK Division races at all age levels.  For all State Championship events (Alyeska Cup and U12/14 State Champs), only Alaska Division registered athletes are eligible for State Championship awards.

Race Announcements

All host clubs will be responsible for sending out pertinent race information such as the schedule, field size limits, lift fees and area releases to all USSS Alpine clubs within Alaska, no less than 30 days prior to the scheduled event.  Each race organizer is required to email a Race Announcement to the AK Division office –  Announcements should be sent out 30 days prior to the entry deadline.  Sample Race Announcments can be found in the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Master Packet of Forms.

Racing Bibs

The host club will issue racing bibs. The host club may charge a bib deposit at race registration or a fee for a lost bib or a bib returned late.

Race Results

Host clubs of divisional qualifiers will generate overall results that include the age group and second run times for each racer. Overall results will be posted to the Alaska Division web site within 72 hours of the completion of that event or series.


Selection Procedures for Western Region Quotas

FIS  / Elite FIS Series

Racers will be selected to attend these events according to the policy for out-of-division travel.   Selection is based on the National Team Selection Board (NTSB) using U.S. Ski and Snowboard seed points from the most current list on the selection date. The NTSB method is described in the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Alpine competition guide. Western Region automatics will not appear on the board. For Speed Series a modified NTSB board will be used, in that GS will always be the last pick on any line. Athletes must meet Alaska eligibility rules. Selection Boards will include only the events to be held at the Series, with the exception that Speed Events Series boards will also include GS.



2021 U19 Western Region Junior Championships

WR JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held on March 16-21, 2021 at Schweitzer Mtn., Idaho
The 2021 AK Divisional Quota for U19 WRJC is 4 women and 4 men.

For the 2021 season two race series will be used for Head to Head rankings – WR FIS Open Tech, January 25-28, 2021 and Alyeska Cup U16-SR, February 13-15, 2021.
** If either of the above race series are cancelled, or if an athlete is unable to compete at the Alyeska WR FIS Open Tech due to quota restriction, than the Coca Cola Classic U16-SR, January 17-18, 2021 event will be used instead.

For the 2021 WRJC U19 selections, naming the team shall be accomplished by utilizing a five-column selection board. Each column shall be comprised of eligible athlete names ranked first to last. The first ranked athlete shall be placed at the top of the column; the last ranked athlete shall be placed at the bottom of the column. LEFT COLUMNS will be comprised of athlete names ranked by each individual athlete’s current FIS points for SL, GS and SG. DH shall not be considered. RIGHT COLUMNS will be comprised of athlete names ranked by each individual athlete’s best two (out of four) SL and best two (out of five) GS race finishes at the qualifying race series. Finishes shall be scored using new World Cup points. Ties shall be broken using the next best result.

SELECTION is accomplished by taking the top name in the FIS SL Points. column, then the FIS GS Points column, then the FIS SG Points column, followed by the top name in the FIS SL Race column, then the FIS GS Race column. Selection continues by going to the second name in the left columns, and then the second name in the right columns, etc and by following the procedure described in the previous sentence until the team is filled. If a name comes up a second time it is skipped. Always skip across from left to right, not down for repeats.

In the event that we are unable to hold two (2) Slalom or (2) Giant Slalom races in the qualifying series, only the single best finish in each discipline will be used for selections.

We will be using FIS List #14, and final selections will be announced after List #14 has been published.

Any Alaska Division athlete who has been invited, accepted and participated in a Regional or National quota competition conflicting with Alaska Divisional qualifying races will be an automatic on Divisional quotas for their respective regional championship event for the current season.

Example Boards –

SL FIS Points GS FIS Points SG FIS Points SL Results GS Results
Joe Smith Joe Smith Adam Jones Joe Smith John Anderson
Fred Easter John Anderson Fred Easter Adam Jones Joe Smith
Tommy Goal Fred Easter John Anderson John Anderson Tommy Goal
John Anderson Adam Jones Tommy Goal Fred Easter Adam Jones
Adam Jones Tommy Goal Joe Smith Tommy Goal Fred Easter

Selection Ranking

  1. Joe Smith
  2. Adam Jones
  3. John Anderson
  4. Fred Easter
  5. Tommy Goal


2021 U16 WR Championships Selection Qualification Rules

The Alaska Division quota for the 2021 Western Region U16 Championships is 3 women and 3 men. The quota is determined by the Corrock Method which factors each Divisions’ population and team results at the regional championship from the prior year.

  • For the 2020 season two series will be used – Coca Cola Classic U16-SR, January 17-18, 2021 and Alyeska Cup U16-SR, February 13-15, 2021
  • The races contested will be 2 GS and 2 SL from Coca Cola Classic, and 2 SG, 2 GS and 2 SL from Alyeska Cup.

In the event that we are unable to hold three (3) Slalom or Giant Slalom races, due to circumstances, qualification will be done using each “run” vs. “race.”  In the event that qualifying series has to be reduced to 4 or fewer races, qualification will be done using each “run” vs. “race.”  In qualifying GS and SL races, racers that are not ranked after the first run (DNF’s or DQ’s) will be allowed to run at the end of their respective seeds (groups of 15) in reverse bib order during the second run. This is to insure that if qualification races are lost each competitor will have had the opportunity to complete each run if qualification reverts to “by run” versus “by race” results.

For purposes of the selection board, the racer with the highest number of points based on their five best race/competition finishes (with no more than three “races” or “runs” used in any discipline), will be ranked first. Each racer thereafter will be ranked in accordance with the number of total points accumulated in the best five “races”, with no more than three “races” or “runs” used in any single discipline. Ties in ranking will be broken by using the next best race finish per discipline, not to exceed using more than three “races or runs” in any single discipline.

Selections will be made by the ACC. Programs or independent athletes will be notified of team selections no more than 48 hours after they are determined. Athletes must notify their club of their intent to participate and submit a trip deposit payment, within 48 hours after selections are announced. Selections will be made as described above until each quota, including alternates, is filled.

Any Alaska Division athlete who has been invited, accepted and participated in a Regional or National quota competition conflicting with Alaska Divisional qualifying races will be an automatic on a WR quotas.


U14 WR Championships

There will be no U14 WR Championship event in 2021.

2021 U16 Tri-Divisional Selection Process

Big Sky, Montana
Dates TBD
1 SG / 1 GS / 1 SL

Intermountain, Northern and Alaska Division share a championship for athletes who are not selected for the WR U16 or WR U14  Championship quotas for their division.   For 2021, this event will ONLY be for U16 athletes, per the COVID Policies set forth by US Ski and Snowboard.  Quotas are determined by population of participating divisions.  The 2021 Quotas have not yet been released from the hosting Division. [As of December 2, 2020]

The regional selection boards for U16 described above, will be used to determine quotas. Athletes may participate in their respective Regional Championship OR Tri-Divisionals.  Athletes may NOT attend both.

Alaska will seed their athletes by national points, within their given seeding draw.   If an athlete does not have any national points, they will be seeded by their wold cup points from the qualification events, within their age group.

Alaska State Championships

The winner of the first event in each discipline at the Alyeska Cup for the U16 and U19 age classifications, will be designated the Alaska state champion in that discipline. The first race of each discipline is used for the Alyeska Cup. WC points are awarded for each of three races (1SG, 1GS, 1SL), and only athletes that finish all three events will be eligible to win.

Discretionary Selections

Up to 20 percent or 1 quota spot (whichever is greater) of any Alaska divisional quota may be allocated to discretionary selections. The use of this discretionary quota shall be the decision of the ACC. Petitions for exceptions must be made in writing, including supporting documentation, to the Coaches Working Group by the protest period of the final selection race. Approval of exception and inclusion into the quota shall be made by a majority vote of the ACC.

U12/U14 Alaska State Championships

Y2019 Rules and Procedures

Governing Rules: The competition is conducted in accordance with current U.S. Ski and Snowboard competition rules and as modified by the following rules and host club modifications not in conflict with these rules.

This event is held in March or early April.  Dates shall be determined at an ACC scheduled meeting in the fall prior to the event.

Rotation:  The event will rotate throughout the Alaska Division.  This rotation is voted on by the ACC.  Exceptions and changes can be made to the rotational schedule due to weather or other circumstances and any changes will be voted on by the ACC.

    • 2019 – JSC
    • 2020 – Alyeska
    • 2021 – Fairbanks
    • 2022 – Hilltop
    • 2023 – Arctic Valley
    • 2024 – JSC
    • 2025 – Alyeska
    • 2026 – Fairbanks
    • 2027 – Hilltop
    • 2028 – Arctic Valley

The Championship will consist of two runs of Giant Slalom and two runs of Slalom, (1 GS, 1 SL) and shall be U.S. Ski and Snowboard sanctioned non-scored events conducted on Saturday and Sunday.

Competitors shall be seeded separately by gender and class. In GS, U14 competitors will start before U12 competitors. Random draw will determine the first run start order. Second run is in reverse order. All competitors are allowed to start the second run, in their appropriate start order per run.

Course Specifications:
Course sets shall be in accordance with the current USSA competition rules, except as described below. The U12 SL course shall utilize stubby gates and the U14 SL course shall utilize FIS type B poles 60” in height off the snow surface.

Entry Fee: $20 (maximum) for any non-scored event.

Field Size & Quotas: If competitor field size surpasses 150 total athletes in a given year than the ACC will set field size maximums and allocate regional club quotas in the following year.

Eligibility: The events are open to competitors in the U14 and U12 race classes. Each competitor must have a USSA license. Request for participation by an out-of-Division competitor shall be submitted to the ACC Divisional Administrator at least two weeks prior to the competition for eligibility determination. Out-of-Division competitors are not eligible for any awards.

Entry Procedure: Each regional club will send entries to the organizer no less than 7 days prior to the start of competition. Entry information will include: name, sex, year of birth, USSA registration number, and club affiliation. Entry form should indicate which competitors need housing (if offered by the club). Names of coaches should be included on the entry form.


  • A minimum of first through fifth place awards shall be given for each gender and class for each race.
  • First through fifth place overall awards shall be given for each gender and class and will be based on the total points accumulated for each run of both events.
  • Scoring will be based on the New World Cup Points method, with each finisher awarded at least 1 point. In the case of a tie for the overall scores, the lowest combined finish placing will break the tie. If there is still a tie, the lowest combined race time will be used.

Rules Interpretation: The current U.S. Ski and Snowboard Alpine Competition Guide (ACR) shall govern resolution of rules and conflicts.