2024 Tri-Divisionals


The Tri-Divisional Championships are a second-tier championship comprised of athletes from IMD, Alaska and Northern Divisions. [1] The Alaska Division’s role for Tri-Divisional Championships is to facilitate the selection boards for the quota for this event and to provide race entries and coaching staff.   All athletes will travel independently, and this trip will be treated as a day camp style.  The team will be named after the U16 WR Championship and U14 WR Championship Alaska Team has been named and planned, and will use the same selection boards.  Athletes will be responsible for covering all of the coaches travel costs, entry fees, lift tickets and their own travel arrangements.

Because this event is not part of the Western Region Championship series, and in keeping with IMD and Northern Division policy, the Alaska Division will not participate in providing a team jacket.  However, the Division will provide a souvenir item (Buff, Hat, Hoody, or something of similar price point) for all athletes and coaches.  If parents of the traveling athletes would like to independently procure and outfit the team, they may do so, but it will be without the involvement of the travel coaches or Divisional administration.

[1] US Ski and Snowboard Intermountain Division Alpine Handbook, Page 30.

Selected Team

U16 WOMEN (Quota 4)

  1. Taylor, Cameron
  2. Sundberg, Madaline
  3. Alderson, Harriet
  4. Short, Elizabeth

U14 WOMEN (Quota 9)

Bartow, Alexandra
St. Aubin, Khloe
Conklin, Ruby (Decline)
Hauser, Quetzal (Attending AWG)
Langlie, Samantha
Naylor, Alayna
Laughlin, Sophie
Romerdahl, Madeline (Decline)
Reynolds, Nili (Attending AWG)
Herman, Danika – ALT1 – (Attending AWG)
Baer, Grace
Conklin, Violet (Declined)
Burke, Sienna (Rosie)
Erickson, Paige
Hazen, Emory (Declined)

U16 MEN (Quota 6)

  1. Naylor, Ian
  2. Westerlund, Gus
  3. Jeffers, Levi – Passing
  4. Jordan, Liam – Passing
  5. Pelkola, Barrett
  6. Andrews, Angus
    Maynard, Joe (Alt 1)
    Leahy, Jackson (Alt 2) – Injured

U14 MEN (Quota 9)

Murphy, Levi
Ala, Isaac
Lemelson, Henry
Deschamps, Colby
Jeffers, Jude
Guess, Grayson
Ala, Anders
Morehead, Jayce
Waring, Atticus

Tri-Divisional Championships


March 21-22, 2024 / SG at Big Sky Resort
March 23-24, 2024 / SL & GS at Bridger Bowl
Bozeman, Montana​


This trip will be run like a day camp.   The Alaska Division will provide coaches on the hill.  Parents and athletes are responsible for their own transportation, lodging, meals and race entries.


Chris Maynard (ASC)
Tasha Foster (ASC)
Ryan Stanley (HART) – Pending Confirmation

The Coaching Staff will be staying at a VRBO House in Bozeman located at:
180 Cedar Wood Cir, Bozeman, MT, 59718 United States of America



March 19 – Travel to Bozmean
March 20 – Free Ski at Big Sky Resort with coaches and team (not mandatory)
March 21-22, 2024 / SG at Big Sky Resort
March 23-24, 2024 / SL & GS at Bridger Bowl
March 25 – Travel home

Trip Cost Estimate is $750 per athlete.

This includes:  Coaching Staff Expenses.
This is ONLY an estimate.   Costs could be more or less, depending on final arrangements.

Step 1: Athlete Confirms Spot

To accept (confirm) selection, pay the $500 Trip Deposit online using the form/button below.

U14 Athletes have until February 28, at 5pm AKT to make their trip deposit, which serves as their intent.
If an athlete has not placed a deposit by this deadline, an alternate will be given an opportunity.

Step 2: Parents arrange their travel plans

For airline travel, fly in/out of Bozeman, Montana

  • Book airline travel & ground transportation
  • Reserve lodging
  • Pay for race entries (once the Race Announcement has been released)
  • Sign Waivers (once the Race Announcement has been released)

Step 3: Once the entire team is confirmed, we will schedule a team zoom meeting.