U16 2023 WR Championships

Congratulations to our Alaska Division U16 WR Champs Team.

Athletes listed below are selected for the U16 WR Championship series at Sun Valley, Idaho
Athlete MUST place their intent by 5pm AK on February 24, 2023 (Friday) 

U16 WOMEN (Quota 5)

  1. REGER, Avery – ASC (confirmed)
  2. MUPRHY, Ava – ASC (confirmed)
  3. TOSTEMAR, Victoria – ASC (confirmed)
  4. HEINZ, Paige – ASC (confirmed)
  5. SUNDBERG, Madaline – HART – INJURY
  6. ALT 1 – MEYER, Eva – JSC (confirmed)

U16 MEN (Quota 4)

  1. MURPHY, Jaxon – ASC (confirmed)
  2. JEFFERS, Reuben – ASC (confirmed)
  3. ENGSTROM, Carson – ASC (confirmed)
  4. WILSON, Corbin – ASC (confirmed)


Sun Valley Resort
Ketchum, Idaho

March 21-24, 2023
SL / GS / SG
AK Quota:   5 women / 4 men


ESTIMATE COST:  $1,800.00 per athlete

This trip will be done as TEAM TRAVEL.   Coaches and athletes will travel together, stay together, and eat together.   The trip cost estimate will include everything except airfare.  If parents want to travel down to watch, they are encouraged to, but all athletes will stay with the team.    If an athlete decides to stay with a parent, drive with a parent, etc…  they can, but they will still be charged the full trip cost estimate.


Athletes will travel as a team.  Flying from Anchorage to Boise, and then using rental vehicles to drive into Sun Valley.   Airfare is NOT included in the trip cost estimate.  Ground transportation (car rental and fuel) is included.   The head coach will purchase their airfare, and the athletes will then purchase tickets to get on the same flights, or flights that arrive into Boise on the same day, and depart on the same day.


Coaches and athletes will be staying at two separate VRBO condos (men in one condo, women in the other, and a coach in both).   These condos are located near the bottom of the Greyhawk lift in Warm Springs.  Athletes will be able to have meals at the condo and walk to lift.  Food costs will be included in the trip cost estimate.     The team will travel to Boise after the last race and stay at the Quality Inn Airport before flying out early the next morning.

There is a Banquet on Saturday night.  Tickets are $58 and will be available for parents to purchase as well.   Look for a link on that website link at some point.  I will handle purchasing the athlete’s and coach’s banquet tickets.

Do any of your athletes have the Mountain Collective or IKON passes, and plan to use them?     If so, they will not be on my team ticket order.  Please let Natalie know immediately and I can provide instructions!

All venues can be seen from the bottom, so if parents don’t want to ski, they don’t have to.  There are discounted ticket rates for parents – you’ll see that on the Race Announcement. 




Head Coach
Nick Foster (Alyeska Ski Club)
Phone:  970 306 5344
Email:  u16headcoach@alyeskaskiclub.com

Assistant Coach
Tasha Foster (Alyeska Ski Club)
Phone: 970 401 5022
Email: tkwyatt8@gmail.com


Step 1:  Athlete Confirms Spot

To confirm the athlete’s intention to participate in this event, please submit the following confirmation form with a $500 non-refundable deposit.    You’ll be asked to pay the entire balance before athletes depart for the trip.
Trip Cost Estimate is $1,800 
The Working Trip Cost Estimate can be viewed here »

Step 2:  Book Flight for Athlete

Please book your athlete’s flight itinerary and try to get athlete’s on the same flight as our coaches.  Coaches flight itinerary is below.   

NOTE: If you are unable to book the same flights, please try to book flights that will arrive into Boise before the coaches, and book flights that depart Boise after the coaches.  

Step 3:  Wait for more details to follow.